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Thursday 4 March 2021
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage


Mirage PERFORMA is a technology able to combine top performance with the very best in style research. The hallmark of Mirage PERFORMA slabs is their particularly soft, smooth feel, with high slip resistance ratings.

  • The surface of the PERFORMA collections is particularly soft and smooth to the touch.
  • PERFORMA guarantees excellent slip resistance, with a R10 A+B rating (*)
  • And the style remains richly detailed.


There are currently 4 Mirage PERFORMA collections in the range:




Clay, offering a perfect balance between the solid appearance of concrete and the soft, fluid look of spatulated resin

Discover CLAY




A minimal look but rich in surface and material details: balanced colours, delicate nuances, and reflections and mineral effects characterise every single reference, for a perfect combination of harmonious graphics and complex colours.

Discover ELYSIAN




Lemmy, a take on naturally aged metal, characterised by an urban chic style with a warm, colourful, inviting connotation

Discover LEMMY



HUB, contemporary inspiration from the minimal Pietra Serena, available in 10 different colour variants.

Discover HUB




Silverlake, a stone effect with a rich, patterned look inspired by alpine quartzites




 (* )Performa products are not suitable for pool areas; moreover, we recommend to evaluate alternative surfaces in areas with large amount of water like spa or showers.