“Walltech A” concealed anchoring system

Mirage is partner of FVHF

The Association for Materials and Components for Rear-Ventilated Facades (Fachverband für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V. (FVHF)) is based in Berlin, Germany. It represents the interests of manufacturers who produce cladding, substructures, insulation materials and elements for fixing, fastening and connecting rear-ventilated facades.

The 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs which characterise the “Walltech” system provide advantages which are decisive when opting for this type of technology.

The decision to adopt this system is in fact directly related to the thickness of the slabs as they must be processed to obtain a milled groove and this can only be obtained with a thickness of 20 mm.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic and functional advantages, the "Walltech” concealed anchoring system makes it possible to limit the structure installation costs; this design solution is in fact also very interesting in economic terms.

In addition, the 20 mm thickness guarantees a beautiful appearance and improved shock resistance.

For application on “Walltech” ventilated facades, Mirage slabs come in 60x120 cm, 30x120 cm, 20x120 cm, 90x90 cm, 45x90 cm and 60x60 cm sizes linked with the Evo_2/E™ system.

Suitable for sizes

Specific description of the system

Fix the brackets to the existing support by means of dowels of the right size and suitable for the type of support.

The upright profiles must be fixed to the brackets by means of rivets, with “fixed point” and “sliding point” according to the executive plan. The upright profile includes grooves suitable to house stainless steel selfpositioning clips and spacers to fix the facing slabs.

The system shall be completed by EPDM gaskets to prevent vibrations and shall have 4 mm or 8 mm joints between the slabs.

This system requires the preparation of the facing slabs; the thickness of the slab is subjected to mechanical processing and steel clips are inserted.

The system is characterised by the special concealed fixing devices; the structure, made up only of uprights and 20 mm porcelain stoneware slabs guarantees maximum versatility and safety and total design freedom.

“Walltech B” concealed anchoring system


The “Walltech B” system is a system suitable for the mechanical fixing of 20mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs for ventilated walls, that allows for the individual anchorage of every single slab via a coupling on the sides of the slab itself.

The anchorage structures must be able to bear the loads transferred to the brackets, therefore, walls using compact materials are generally more suitable.

Slabs can either be fixed with a hole or thanks to “kerf” and “slot” milling procedures. Furthermore, the couplings can be vertical, as shown in the picture, or on the sides, with the perforations on the side of the slab.

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