Technical floors for indoors

Technical indoor flooring meets the challenging demands of modern work environments, requiring adaptability without sacrificing the technical features and superior appearance of porcelain stoneware. Flexible and versatile applications to make optimum use of the available space with solutions offering the advantage that you can alter the layout of a room, complete maintenance easily, and access and alter service lines running underneath raised flooring without the need for any masonry work.

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Outdoor floors

The technical performance and the design of Mirage® porcelain stoneware make it the ideal choice for making an outdoor space very special thanks to its comprehensive system of solutions for public and private residential spaces. A unique combination of superior looks and high performance.

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Ventilated facades

A ventilated façade is a means of covering a building; the porcelain stoneware surface is anchored to the wall of the building thanks to an aluminium structure and mechanical anchorage devices.

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