Ventilated Facades

Mirage is partner of FVHF

The Association for Materials and Components for Rear-Ventilated Facades (Fachverband für vorgehängte hinterlüftete Fassaden e.V. (FVHF)) is based in Berlin, Germany. It represents the interests of manufacturers who produce cladding, substructures, insulation materials and elements for fixing, fastening and connecting rear-ventilated facades.

A ventilated facade is a means of covering a building; the porcelain stoneware surface is anchored to the wall of the building thanks to an aluminium structure and mechanical anchorage devices.

A ventilation gap is thus created between the two surfaces; the air in the chamber is moved by convection generating a microventilation effect which allows the walls of the building to breathe.

The installation of a suitable insulating layer eliminates thermal bridges, reduces heat dispersion in winter and heat accumulation in the summer; all this to the advantage of energy savings and the comfort of the people in the building.

Continuous outside face:
"STACK EFFECT" ventilation


Energy saving:

a ventilated facade provides noise insulation, low heat dispersion in cold periods and low heat absorption in hot months.

Healthier environment:

a ventilated facade prevents thermal bridges, favours the dispersion of humidity present in the building and guarantees excellent noise insulation.

Unaltered technical and aesthetic performances:

the colours of the slabs remain unaltered over time and the surfaces do not absorb dust or dirt.

Protection from water:

a ventilated facade stops rainwater and ice from entering the walls thus reducing decay and relevant maintenance costs.

Ideal for renovation work:

a ventilated facade can be applied over existing plaster without the need for restoration work.

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