A simple structure that guarantees excellent performance, further extending the enormous potential of EVO_2/E™.

With a view to offering design engineers increasingly versatile solutions and maximum design freedom, Mirage® offers E-base, a raised flooring system.

Designed to allow any size or laying scheme to be used for raised flooring, the hallmark feature of E_base is the load-bearing structure in polypropylene, which, when combined with EVO_2/ E™ porcelain stoneware, guarantees maximum safety standards even in the event of breakage, without the application of any reinforcement system on the back of the slabs.

Easy to install, E_base can be shaped while the work is being completed, and provides for height-adjustable supports designed to solve the problem of any differences in level in the screed and guarantee completely flat walking surfaces.

* The 240cm/96” sizes have an R9 coefficient of friction


Ideal for multi-size laying patterns

Simple to install

Load-bearing structure can be shaped while the work is being completed

Does not require the use of safety systems* on the back of the slabs

Stable walking surface

No seasonal treatment on the surface

Colours remain stable over time

Quick to lay

Mirage® porcelain stoneware in 20 mm thickness


Mirage recommends the use of double glass fibre mesh as an alternative to galvanised sheet steel if the porcelain stoneware slabs are used in particularly humid areas such as spas, walkways covered in water, swimming pools and in areas within a 10 km radius from the sea.