Eco Philosophy

A habitat to preserve

As well as constantly improving the quality of our products, we have always actively involved in reducing the environmental impact of our products and factories to the absolute minimum.

From the control of toxic emissions and energy consumption to the recycling of industrial waste, our work has always been based on concrete ethical principles in order to protect the world in which we live, to improve the quality of our lives and those of future generations.

Our efforts are focussed on the reduction of emissions and energy consumption and, with the same effort, we are committed to increasing the awareness of what we consider to be the most plausible ecosustainable choice: the use of porcelain stoneware tiles. The main characteristic of eco-friendly materials is the durability of a product in order to reduce the energy cost necessary to manufacture the product itself.

The durability of porcelain stoneware stretches over an expected life span of at least 50 years (TCNA Study of Floor Covering Costs, 2006) with maintenance costs reduced to a minimum. Its physical properties makes it completely inabsorbent and inert (it does not release toxic agents) thus contributing to the creation of a healthy habitat.

(Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

Cutting polluting emissions, energy consumption and improving productivity and quality. Mirage® conforms to the IPPC directive (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control), which attests to compliance with a series of rigorous requisites and the use of the most effective technologies for industrial processes.


Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design: an integrated, sustainable design project covering the whole building, guaranteeing low impact throughout the planning, construction and maintenance stages.


HY-PRO24 is the innovative Mirage® technology that makes it possible to treat porcelain stoneware with titanium dioxide (TiO2), included in the structure of the material. The treatment is further enhanced by active metal elements that combat germs and bacteria, giving an effective contribution to their removal.

Mirage® porcelain stoneware, which already boasts excellent technical performance, thus becomes an anti-pollution, hygienising, photocatalytic material, self-cleaning on ventilated facades, combining the advantages of Mirage® porcelain stoneware with all the benefits of titanium dioxide and the metal elements added to it.

The technology used employs an innovative fixing process, creating a building material in which this treatment is no longer just a surface layer that can easily be scratched by walking on it, but actually becomes an integral part of the ceramic material itself. The action of the HY-PRO24 treatment thus proves to be abrasion-resistant and able to last over time.


Anti-pollution, contributing to combating smog, fine particles and other harmful pollutants.

The photocatalytic action of HY-PRO24 products purifies the air by guaranteeing the safe removal of compounds harmful to human health, thanks to the activation of the titanium dioxide through light radiation. Laboratory researches have shown that a surface of 100 square meters of HY-PRO24 is equivalent to the action of 100 medium-sized trees in eliminating the harmful substances present in the air.

Active in defending against germs and bacteria, through the combination of tio2 and active metal elements. ctive in defending against germs and bacteria, through the combination of tio2 and active metal elements.

The photocatalytic action of HY-PRO24 also effectively removes common, and potentially harmful, germs and bacteria from every treated surface. The activity triggered by the UV rays, combined with the addition of active metal elements even in the absence of light, guarantee hygiene in both public and private areas, indoors and outdoors, at any time of the day.

Self-cleaning on outdoor vertical applications, thanks to the ultra-hydrophilic properties.

The distinctive characteristic of the HY-PRO24 treatment is that it makes the surface ultra-hydrophilic. The advantages of this property become evident when water comes into contact with the material and is evenly distributed all over the surface, thus making it easier to remove elements of dirt. In case of outdoor vertical applications, such as ventilated facades, this ultra-hydrophilic characteristic guarantees selfcleaning properties, thanks to the natural washing action of the rain.

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