EVO_2/E™ by Mirage® is the first 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware product manufactured and marketed as a complete project for the outdoors.

Slabs and special trims dedicated to the world of gardens and swimming pools, able to guarantee maximum coordination between outdoors and indoors in 10 mm.

EVO_2/ E™ Mirage® offers a set of laying solutions suitable for all types of ground and surfaces to guarantee maximum versatility.

In addition, whatever the surface to be tiled, EVO_2/E™ porcelain stoneware requires the same laying systems as common materials for outdoors.

* The 240cm/96” sizes have an R9 coefficient of friction


Resistant to thermal shock

Because it is 100% frost-free and its properties remain unaltered at temperatures of -50°C to +60°C (-120°F to +140°F).

Long lasting and stable colours

all the 40 products available will not lose their original colour

Resistant to stain

Because it remains unaltered over time, mould and moss and dark smudges cannot get a hold.

Resistant to chemical aggression

Because it totally resists acids, chemical agents, salt and verdigris.

Resistant to loads

Because every slab can withstand loads of over 1000 kg (2200 lb).

Easier to clean

Because it requires no special or seasonal treatment and can be washed easily, even using a pressure washer.

Easier to lay

Because it is a squared, single work-size, which uses the same laying systems as other common outdoor materials

Easier to remove

Because it is removable, serviceable and reusable, weighing just 17 kg per 60x60 cm slabs (37 lb per 24”x24” slabs) (excluding laying on screed with glue).

Tiling solutions


Mirage recommends the use of double glass fibre mesh as an alternative to galvanised sheet steel if the porcelain stoneware slabs are used in particularly humid areas such as spas, walkways covered in water, swimming pools and in areas within a 10 km radius from the sea.