Information for the website (ART. 13 Leg. Dec 196/2003)

This informative note describes the procedures for managing the site with reference to the processing of the personal data of users that consult the site, as well as the processing procedures for data transmitted by the data subject to the Data Controller through this site. This informative note is given in accordance with art. 13 of Leg. Dec. no. 196/2003 – the Personal Data Protection Code – for those who use the web services of Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A., via Giardini Nord, 225, 41026 Pavullo n/F (Modena, Italy), VAT no. 00175990365, accessible at the address:

corresponding to the opening page of the official website.
The informative note is published exclusively for this website and not for other websites that may be consulted by the user through a link.
The informative note makes reference to Recommendation no. 2/2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data, meeting in the Group set up by art. 29 of EC Directive no. 95/46/CE, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify a number of minimum requirements for the collection of personal data on-line and, specifically, the means, timing and nature of the information that the data controllers must provide to users when the latter access the website, regardless of the purpose for accessing the site.

Further to consultation of this site or voluntary registration onto the site, data, also sensitive data or data appropriate for revealing the state of health, may be processed with relation to identified or identifiable persons. The “data controller” of their processing is Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A., via Giardini Nord, 225, 41026 Pavullo n/F (Modena, Italy), VAT no 00175990365.

The processing operations associated with the web services of this site are located at the aforementioned company address, as well as in the branches of Microcom Internet Solution, Via per Sassuolo 1614 41028 Serramazzoni (MO) and on the servers located at the server farm of Microcom Internet Solution, Rue Kellermann, Roubaix, 59100 France.
The data will be processed by the Data Controller and handled only by technical and administrative staff responsible for the processing, or possibly by persons assigned with occasional maintenance operations, according to the objectives to be achieved on the basis of the data subject’s request. No data deriving from the web service shall be divulged. The list of persons responsible for data processing is available at the offices of the Data Controller and may be requested by e-mail at the following address:

The personal data are processed with atomized instruments for the time strictly necessary in order to achieve the aims for which the data have been collected. Specific security measures are complied with in order to prevent the loss of data, its illegal or incorrect use and non-authorized access, including the secure https protocol for a number of reserved parts of the site and of applications and protection from abusive access in the servers and in other IT processors in use. The personal data provided by the users that register or forward requests for informative material (catalogues, newsletters, answers to enquiries, etc.) are used solely for the purpose of performing the requested service or assistance and are communicated by the Data Controller to unnamed appointed or responsible third parties only in the event that this is necessary for such purpose (subject to the data subject’s consent).


Browse data
The information technology systems and the software procedures used for the functioning of this site acquire, during the course of their operation, a series of personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. It is information that is not collected in order to be linked to identified data subjects, but could, by their nature, allow for the identification of the users through analyses and associations with data held by third parties.
The IP address or computer dominion names used by users that connect to the site, the address in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) form of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method of use in making the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the state of reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the operating system and to the user’s information technology context come into this category.
Such data is used only for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical data on the use of the site and for monitoring its correct functioning, and is cancelled immediately after processing. The data could be used for ascertaining responsibility in the event of cyber-crimes to the detriment of the site.
Personal data furnished voluntarily by the user may also be processed.
The optional, explicit or voluntary forwarding of electronic mail to the address indicated on this site implies the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary for replying to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message. Specific brief informative notes may be reported or visualized from time to time on the website pages with reference to particular requested services.

(Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority on 8 May 2014, published in the Official Gazette no.126 on 3 June 2014 in incorporation of Directive 2002/58/CE) 

Please note that users may also select their own options regarding the cookies present on the website (see detailed list below, in the “types of cookies” section) by using their browser setting as explained in the instructions below. Users may also use the “anonymous browsing” setting, allowing them to browse the web without saving any information on the websites or pages visited, any passwords entered and any other parameters.

How to disable cookies

N.B.: Please note that a number of website functions may be affected or unavailable if users deactivate all types of cookies (including technical cookies).

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If the browser you use is not present in the list above, please refer to the documentation or online guide of your browser for further information.
Users please note that the website owner merely acts as a technical intermediary for the links shown in this document, and may not be held liable for any changes.


Cookie are small text files that the websites visited send to the user’s terminal (usually the browser), where they are stored and subsequently retransmitted to the same websites the next time they are visited by the same user. The provision issued by the data protection authority covers not only cookies, but also other similar tools (web beacons/web bugs, clear GIFS, etc.) that make it possible to identify the user or the terminal. 
While browsing a website, users’ terminals may also receive cookies sent from other websites or web servers (third-party cookies), on which there may be a number of elements (such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages in other domains) present on the website the user is visiting.
Cookies, of which there are usually large numbers present on users’ browsers, some of which last for a long time, are used for a number of purposes: to perform IT authentications, monitor sessions, store information on specific configurations regarding the users who access the server, etc. Further information can be found at
In order to properly regulate these devices, it is necessary to distinguish them, because there are no technical characteristics that differentiate one kind from another based on the purposes they are used for. Lawmakers have taken action in this regard, and in implementation of the measures contained in Directive 2009/136/CE, has rendered it mandatory to obtain users’ prior, informed consent for the installation of cookies used for purposes other than merely technical purposes (cf. art. 1, para.5, lett. a), of Legislative Decree no. 69 of 28 May 2012, which amended art. 122 of the Code).

More information on the cookies used by the website

When a user visits this website, “first party cookies” (generated and used by this website) or “third party cookies (generated on this website by third parties) may be introduced into the user’s computer or mobile device. Please note that if some of these cookies are disabled, this may result in restrictions to the use of the website, preventing users from fully benefitting from the functions and services present. In order to decide which to accept and which to refuse, below is a description of the cookies used by
Types of cookies

Session cookies
These cookies guarantee the normal functioning and browsing of websites, allowing for the connection between the server and the user’s browser. They allow websites to function properly and users to view content on their devices. Without these cookies, a number of functions requested – such as logging in to the website or creating a shopping cart – may not be available. Session cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the functioning of the website.

Functional cookies
These cookies are stored on the user’s computer or other device, which, based on the requests of the user, record the user’s choices so that they can be remembered in order to provide a smoother, more personalised browsing experience within the service or access to this website (e.g. by recording the password in reserved areas, recording products in a shopping cart so the user can find them during the next session, saving the language selected, viewing a video, the opportunity to comment on a blog, etc.). Functional cookies are not indispensable for the functioning of the website, but they improve the quality of the user’s browsing experience.

Analytics cookies
These cookies collect information on how users use the website, such as, for example, which pages are visited most often. This website uses third party cookies of “Google Analytics”, a statistical analysis service provided and managed by Google that makes it possible to anonymously analyse how users visit the website. The information generated by the cookies on the use of the website on the part of users (including the IP address) is sent to Google servers, where it is stored. 
Useful addresses for a clearer understanding of the data protection policy of Google Analytics:
Analytics cookies are not indispensable for the functioning of the website.

Social Network cookies
These cookies allow the user’s social network account to interact with this website, and are not indispensable for its functioning. The most common use is to share social network content. The presence of plug-ins means that cookies are sent to and from websites managed by third parties. The handling of the information collected from third parties is governed by the pertinent information provided, which you should refer to. To guarantee greater transparency and convenience, below are the web addresses of the various information sections and how cookies are managed.

Facebook information
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Cookies that provide interactive maps
These cookies make it possible to include interactive maps on this website. uses Google Maps to provide detailed information on the location of its offices (for more information, see Google’s combined data protection policy, which also includes information on Google Maps cookies ).
This type of cookies is not indispensable for the functioning of the website.


Apart from what is specified above with regards to browse data, the user is free to furnish or not personal data. Failure to provide such data may make it impossible, however, to obtain what is requested.
Apart from what is specified above with regards to browse data, the user is free to furnish the personal data included in registration/subscription forms (some have a specific and separate request for the data subject’s consent for the processing required) or in any case indicated in contacts with Mirage Granito Ceramico S.p.A. for requesting the forwarding of informative material or other communications (e.g. the handling of personal requests for price quotes or information on the services offered by Mirage Granito Ceramico S.p.A.). The optional, explicit or voluntary forwarding of electronic mail to the address indicated on this site imply the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary for replying to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the message.
Specific brief informative notes may be reported or visualized from time to time shown on the website pages with reference to particular requested services (e.g. subscription to the newsletter, registration, the request of services).
Failure to provide such data may make it impossible, however, to obtain what is requested.

A data subject shall have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning them exist and to know the contents and origin of the data, to verify the correctness of the data or request its integration or updating or its adjustment (for more detail reference should be made to art. 7 of Leg. Dec. no. 196/2003). Pursuant to the aforementioned article, the data subject has the right to request the erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that has been processed unlawfully, as well as to object to its treatment. Requests should be made to the physical address of the Data Controller, Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A., via Giardini Nord, 225, 41026 Pavullo n/F (Modena, Italy), VAT no. 00175990365, accessible via the internet at the address or by e-mail to the address

Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A. always keeps its informative note on privacy updated and publishes the most recent version in good time on the website so that any change is immediately available to all visitors to the site. For more details of your rights, Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A. recommends consulting the full text of Art. 7 of Leg. Dec. 196/03 (Right of access to personal data and other rights).
This informative note constitutes this website’s “Privacy Policy” which will be subject to updating.

List of Privacy Officers (art. 13 Leg. Dec. 196/2003)
The list of Privacy Officers with relation to Mirage Granito Ceramico S.P.A.’s Privacy Policy, is available and may be requested at any time by e-mail at the address, according to the provisions of art. 13, paragraph 1, letter f, of the “Personal Data Protection Code (Leg. Dec. no. 196/03) for the purpose of making available and informing all data subjects regarding who are the Officers responsible for the processing of personal data carried out by the aforementioned company.