The Cove at the Piazza

Monday 2 August 2021
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

The Cove at the Piazza is an exclusive residential complex in a district steeped in history, in the heart of Philadelphia.  

The new vision of The Piazza includes more green areas, as well as structural and architectural effects that create a variety of inviting public spaces.

In conceptual terms, the hallmark element of this project is the light. The pavilions of the garden mark out the movement of the sun, providing warmth to some surfaces and shade to others. The triangular pavilions of the garden, the solarium terraces and the three large swimming pools divide The Piazza into peaceful areas that can be enjoyed all year round.  

Thanks to the extraordinary technical and aesthetic characteristics of the Mirage material, it was possible to use a single collection, Glocal, to create a number of different areas of the project; the versatility of the collection allowed for a perfect recreation of the brushed concrete effect, even better than the actual original material, as also explained by Rebecca Frisch (vice-president and architect in charge of the project) in the presentation video of the complex aired the day of the award ceremony.

The combination of Mirage materials and the creativity of the Post Brothers firm has given rise to an extraordinary project, which took first place in the Commercial Category at the Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition Award 2021.

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