Evo_E: a Made in Mirage® professional system of outdoor raised flooring. This floor is normally installed with the two parts joined: support structure and finishing strip. The support structure comprised prefabricated load-bearing supports. These supports are made from polypropylene and are fixed, adjustable or self-levelling. They allow the finished floor to be installed at a height of 1.2 cm – over 60cm. The finishing strip, in all cases, can be installed dry even on sand or gravel foundations.

The panel includes a footboard and comprises an upper covering in porcelain stoneware and a structural core. The outer cladding is available in various surface finishes featuring different anti-slip values included in Mirage’s broad range for all technical and aesthetic needs; the structural core (Core 1.5®) is monolithic, net-reinforced, odourless and frost-proof. The panel is free from toxic substances, available in 30x60, 60x60 and 60x120, with a total thickness of 25mm including the surface finish. A monolithic union of the two materials using special glue ensures the assembly of the finishing and structural support.


The outdoor raised flooring is fitting with the joints between the panels left open. This allows rainwater to slide into the space that is created under the panels, creating a planar floor with no risk of water accumulation, while the weatherproof part underneath is equipped with the required gradeability for correct separation of rainwater. Mirage® porcelain stoneware guarantees stability and excellent durability over time under any climatic conditions.

The support structure comprises polypropylene feet with wide bases and round edges to prevent damage to the insulation sheaths. This solution allows you to inspect the elements underneath the new footboard and intervene rapidly if there is damage to the weatherproof sheaths, without having to carry out major masonry work. Once the system is installed the space between the finished floor and the support surface allows practical passage of systems and pipes.



this is achieved by joining the monolithic materials using special glue.


the flooring is resistant to jumps in temperature.

Slip resistance

(for collections R10/R11/R12).

High resistance to breaking loads


systems can be inspected and repaired at any time without the need for demolition.

Easy to install

the flooring can be installed by unspecialised workers.